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Gratitude for Administrative Professionals

Administrative Professionals

Business owners and professionals spend a great deal of time thinking about all the things it takes to keep a successful business running- from sales to inventory, advertising to customer service, there are many important pieces to building a thriving business. One of the most important aspects of any profession are the people, especially those who keep the whole operation running smoothly. Administrative professionals keep a business organized, efficient, and polished. Each April, we celebrate these amazing individuals with Administrative Professionals Week. This year, consider Curran’s Flowers your go-to source for beautiful and professional arrangements that are perfect for the desk or office of your favorite administrative personnel. 

administrative professionals

Curran’s Flowers has assembled a collection of unique and beautiful desktop flowers, plants, and succulents that will brighten up the mood of any office.  Succulents such as cacti, orchids, or a bright aloe plant are perfect for small spaces or desktops. Generally low-maintenance, these arrangements will add a personal touch while allowing your employee to keep running the office as efficiently as ever. By gifting your administrative professional with a beautiful arrangement that compliments their workspace, you add value and beauty to your office. What an excellent way to communicate to your staff how valuable they are to you and your business!
administrative professionalsDeciding which arrangement to choose may take some time – choosing the perfect florist is simple. Curran’s Flowers provides excellent service, including delivery, to the entire Danvers area. Expert floral designers are ready to help you create the perfect garden arrangement that will be sure to show your administrative professionals just how much you value their time, effort and dedication to your business. Keep the most important aspects of your business- the people- feeling appreciated and valued!