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Posted by Currans Flowers on March 25, 2021 | Last Updated: March 26, 2021 Uncategorized


With a team of flower experts, your friends here at Currans Flowers, the top florist in Danvers, cannot have a spring cleaning to-do list without the addition of bringing home fresh spring blooms. Not only will their bright hues help you welcome the warm spring sun, but these plants can ease stress and lingering seasonal depression, lift your mood, enhance your decor, create a calm and relaxed environment, and give off the loveliest scents. However, before you add any finishing touches, it is still important to deep clean and sort through all of your things. To help you, we have created the best guide with tips for a great way to spring clean.

Refresh Your Kitchen

Even though the spring and Easter bunnies have come to town or even made their way into your own decor, we want to keep the dust bunnies out of our kitchen. Those that have made their way under the oven, refrigerator, and in the hard-to-see nooks and crannies are a nightmare to sweep up. However, we have learned that by wetting your boom, the dust and dirt will stick easier. Simply vacuum the bristles and say “Au Revoir” as the dust bunnies leave town for good. 

Refresh with Spring Flowers

Another tip to help refresh your kitchen comes from Mother Nature herself. New green plants and fresh spring floral arrangements revive your kitchen with natural life. Wonderful plants and blooms ease stress and tension, lift your mood, and purify the air around you for a truly rejuvenated feel. 

  • Peace Lily: A favorite plant to “spring clean” and purify
  • Carnations: Admire their pure beauty and simplicity
  • Tulips: Perfectly symmetrical and classic bloom for any decor
  • Eucalyptus: Reinvigorate your senses with this fresh aroma

Reorganize Your Bathroom

While cleaning the shelves in your bathroom cabinets and linen closet, toss out items before you put them back in place. A clean and decluttered bathroom will make you feel even more fresh and clean as you get ready each morning. Throw away leaking bottles, expired skincare, and old medicines. Repurpose fraying and old towels as cleaning rags. Finally, rearrange your cabinets and place your sunscreen and aloe front and center for easy reach during this sunny spring season. 

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

Fresh flowers do more for your bathroom than add a hint of bright color. Whether displayed on your newly organized vanity or windowsill, spring blooms offer a spark of joy and energizing scent every time you enter the bathroom.

  • Daffodils: Number one flower to ease tension
  • Gerbera Daisies: Reenergize and spark joy
  • Sunflowers: A symbol of happiness and positivity
  • Hyacinths: Known for their heavenly fragrance

Refine Your Bedroom

Decluttering and spring cleaning your bedroom doesn’t seem to be complete without tackling your wardrobe. However, the rest of your room sure needs a little love, too. Refine your space and create a calming oasis to recharge and rest. The practice of feng shui suggests decluttering underneath your bed and positioning it away from the door. It also advises that pictures be removed from surfaces like your nightstand and dresser, and hung thoughtfully on the wall.

Refine with Spring Flowers

There is nothing quite like an arrangement of spring blooms to refine your bedroom. This burst of colorful hues adds a personal touch as they are elegantly displayed on a cleared dresser or nightstand. By promoting positive energy and a sense of relaxation, these select flowers are a perfect choice.

  • Sweet Peas: Offers a romantic, graceful, and blissful fragrance
  • Peonies: A welcoming symbol of rebirth, luck, and prosperity
  • Hydrangea: Experience a harmonious and peaceful sleep
  • Orchids: A thoughtful symbol of refinement to balance energy

Elevate your home with fresh spring flowers that inspire happiness, serenity, and purification. The lovely fragrances of these plants and blooms are sure to lift your mood and brighten your day. Which florals from Currans Flowers will you choose this spring?