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Posted by Currans Flowers on October 17, 2016 | Last Updated: October 23, 2016 Fall Flowers Halloween

Festive Halloween Decor and Flowers

Halloween decor

What an amazing time of year in New England! As we celebrate the fall season, some of our favorite holidays are almost upon us. In fact, with Halloween right around the corner, we thought that we would share some Halloween trivia as well as some beautiful suggestions on how to celebrate the season. At Curran’s Flowers, we incorporate all the amazing colors, textures, and styles of the season to provide you with the most vibrant Halloween decor in Danvers!

While some people decorate their homes with creepy crawly Halloween elements, we love transforming a home with bright colors that exude all the excitement of the holiday! Whether for a Halloween party or to adorn your front office, our Autumn Euro Vase is a premium choice. Vivid orange lilies and roses are accented by pincushion protea in this hauntingly beautiful creation that delivers a big treat. halloween decor

Did You Know? The jack-o-lantern was utilized in a utilitarian way long before it was Halloween decor. Although creepy faces were not likely the design, carved pumpkins with candles were employed as lanterns for night watchmen. Their trade name was “jack of the lantern” – hence the eventual name for one of the most beloved Halloween traditions.
halloween decor

One of our most popular Halloween items is the lavish Mumkin. A beautiful hardy mum, grown right here in Danvers, is displayed in a pumpkin pot that can be used from year to year. Mums make wonderful decor for your front walkway or front porch, and this arrangement is the perfect greeting for trick-or-treaters!

Did You Know? Trick-or treating most likely began in the 1930’s. All Hallow’s Eve was becoming an occasion for escalating pranks, and communities were looking for a more positive activity for the kids. The custom of going door to door for candy was inspired by “souling”, a practice which saw the poor begging for food from house to house.

No matter the holiday, you will find the perfect florals and gifts at Curran’s Flowers. We look forward to providing your Halloween decor, and to all the Thanksgiving beauty to come!