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Currans Flowers – Valentines Day for Everyone

valentines dayValentine’s Day is right around the corner, and florists everywhere are gearing up to supply and deliver the millions of bouquets that will represent all the love. Roses are by far the most popular flower on this special day, making up over half of the floral bouquets sent each February 14. We all know that red roses are the quintessential flower of romance on Valentine’s Day – and Currans Flowers has all the long-stemmed beauties that you will need to lavish love on your sweetheart.


For those that love the sentiment and classic beauty of roses, but don’t think the red rose is appropriate – there is an entire spectrum of color to choose from! Each color conveys its own meaning, so choose the right one, and send a gorgeous bouquet to everyone in your life!

valentine's day

This beautiful, old fashioned bouquet features pink, white, ivory, and coral roses in a glass vase. The arrangement will make a lovely gift for your mom, or for a woman who has been a special mentor. If someone has made a distinct and positive impact on your life, these roses will show gratitude and love.


Pink roses denote a sweet affection; they can also express gratitude and appreciation. Orange roses should be sent to someone you admire, that you want to get to know. But yellow roses are the perfect bloom to send to your best friend or your sister who is like your best friend. A long representative of camaraderie and close friendship, the yellow rose is cheerful, joyful, and optimistic. For all of those people in your life, you would never want to live without, the yellow rose is a perfect choice.

valentine's day valentine's day

For an elegant arrangement that will fit right into any home or office, roses and orchids will make a dramatic impression. This sophisticated and beautiful arrangement would be an appropriate gift for a close colleague, or a co-worker who has become a huge part of your life. After all, Valentine’s Day is about all the people who make up our lives!


Currans Flowers has the perfect floral arrangements and bouquets for anyone on your gift list this holiday. From romance to friendship, to a bouquet for your mom – everyone loves flowers on Valentine’s Day, and we have the flowers that will overwhelm them with love!