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Bring the Tropics to You with Exotic Flowers

exotic flowersThe words “tropical” or “sub-tropical” are used to describe a climate that is either hot or very warm throughout most of the year, has above average rainfall (usually during a short season) and is home to lush vegetation. Even with these general guidelines, the diversity in the ecosystems can be vast – for instance, some tropical climates experience a significant decrease in rain during their hottest months, while others see rain nearly every day, usually in the late afternoon. The exception is the tropical rain forest, which experiences abundant rainfall throughout the year, resulting in dense, thick canopies and vibrant plant life. That being said, arid deserts are also considered tropical – meaning that when we discuss tropical flowers, we are also speaking of a wide range of species and varieties.

exotic flowersTropical flowers are coveted because of their unique beauty. The vivid yellows, reds, and oranges are often presented In dramatic, exotic shapes very different than traditional flowers like roses or carnations; they most often make us dream of stunning remote islands, with azure water and pristine beaches. Whatever the connotation, we love having these striking flowers in our homes. Make sure you speak with an expert florist, however, before planting many of these beautiful flowers in your yard his summer – many truly do not grow well outside of their native climates. Anthuriums are also chosen for summer decor; and although you may not recognize their name, the most common species grows a large red, waxy flower you will recognize immediately.

exotic flowersOf course, orchids remain the reigning exotic floral choice when it comes to floral arranging; their range of colors and spectacular varieties are widely acclaimed, collected and studied.

exotic flowersEven if you can’t make it to the tropics this season, you can bring the tropics to you – in addition to the flowers listed above; you can include protea, birds of paradise, fuji mums, plumeria and many more blooms that are sure to calm your senses. Stop into Currans Flowers for a beautiful tropical bouquet, then sit back and listen to the waves.