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Autumn and Winter’s Alluring Red Flowers to Warm Your Home

Red is the color of the autumn and winter seasons. Between fall foliage, Christmas stockings, Valentine’s Day hearts, and all the magnificent flowers that bloom and grace us with energizing and uplifting feelings during these gloomy months, red deserves to be celebrated. Red flowers are a symbol of passion, desire, strength, courage, beauty, and of course, romance. They add a pop of elegant color to any space, offering a warm welcome to those who enter. Here at Currans Flowers, the best florist in Danvers, MA, we are diving into our top 10 favorite red flowers of fall and winter that create stunning seasonal floral arrangements.

First, a note about the color red: Why is red such an exciting flower color?

Red is a passionate color that most attracts the human eye. Stop signs, street lights, exit signs, red flags, danger signs, and more are red for this exact reason. This hue universally represents danger, action, power, strength, bravery, valor, courage, action, and anger among love, desire, beauty, and romance. With so much symbolism, it makes sense that over 75% of countries have red on their flag. This season, choose red to inspire a home full of warmth, cheer, and love. 

Red Flowers of Fall

Red Flowers of Winter


Striking and simple, red anemones are a gift to the eyes. Their delicate petals surround a dark and dramatic center, creating a distinct and alluring look. 


A powerful and expressive bloom symbolizing undying devotion, red aster are charming star-shaped blooms and are often compared to daisies.


Cheerful, sweet, and an icon of the fall season, red mums are a symbolic way to express your love and passion. 

Gerbera Daisy

Bring home happiness with red gerbera daisies. Their big, bright, and showy flower petals are symbolic of unconscious love or being fully immersed in love.


Bold, bodacious, and beautiful, red zinnias, with their multi-layered petals, encompass all the passionate feelings of being deeply and madly in love. 


A classic and timeless winter flower, amaryllis resembles a bright and bold star. In fact, its name is derived from the word “amarullis,” which translates to sparkle and splendor in Greek. 


Anthuriums are lovely additions to fall and winter arrangements and bring tropical, fun, and vibrant elements.


Carnations can bloom in different red hues that add dimension, fascination, and distinction to floral arrangements. Dark red carnations are linked to affection and love, while light red carnations are connected to admiration and adoration.


With their classic and timeless beauty, roses have a place in all sorts of autumn and winter arrangements. They have inspired the works of countless writers and artists and continue to be a muse for love and romance. 


Sweet and delicate, like the wings of a butterfly, sweetpeas are a charming addition to red floral arrangements. These fragrant flowers symbolize loyalty, gratitude, and blissful pleasure. 

What is the Red Christmas Flower?

During the winter holidays, it is impossible not to stumble upon an icon of the season, poinsettias. Whether you know this bloom as “Flores de Noche Buena,” which is Spanish for “Flowers of the Holy Night,” or simply as “the red Christmas Flower,” the large, ruby red, star-shaped flowers among deep green leaves embody everything the Christmas season is about.

Enhance your autumn and winter seasons with warmth, passion, positive energy, joy, and cheer through captivating red blooms. Whether you are decorating your home or searching for that perfect gift for a special someone or your holiday dinner host, red flowers make the ideal statement. Browse our collection of stunning red blooms today at Currans Flowers, Danvers’ top flower shop

Our favorite festive red flowers for the holidays