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Posted by Currans Flowers on June 10, 2016 | Last Updated: November 4, 2020 Uncategorized

Making Father’s Day a Day to Remember

father's dayFather’s Day is the ideal time to express to Dad just how much you appreciate him for all he does. There are thousands of ways to convey your heartfelt emotions, from gourmet gifts to spending quality time on his special day. Living so close to Boston, there are many opportunities to create an adventure that he will remember for years.

father's dayWhen asked, fathers have said that they like receiving electronics, sports gear, and personal grooming devices – but those don’t represent the most popular gift in Dad’s eyes. That honor goes to something you might not expect. The most desired gift on Father’s Day is spending time together. In a world of online relationships and packed schedules, how about planning an afternoon to spend quality time with your father?

If Dad loves the Red Sox, head straight to Fen way Park! There is a home game on Father’s Day versus the Mariners, so if your father enjoys a day at the stadium, your day together is simple to plan. If your father prefers to watch the Red Sox on TV, make sure you have one of our delicious gourmet baskets to ensure top-notch snacking while you bond and watch some baseball.

father's dayThere are plenty of other day trip venues for you and your father to explore – whether walking the Freedom Trail or visiting the New England Aquarium, finding an outing that speaks to his passions and personality is a great way to reconnect and slow down together. If Dad loves the great outdoors, take a walk around the Arnold Arboretum, and then finish off the day with the gift of a beautiful and unique green plant that will bring back great memories for years to come. No matter how you decide to honor your father this June 19, don’t forget to add a gift or plant from Currans Flowers, that will remind him of your love long after the day is gone.