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Welcome Spring With These Cheerful Flowers

As spring approaches we anticipate beautiful colors, warmer weather, and of course, the freshness of new beginnings. Who do you know that celebrates spring in all its glory? Send a beautiful floral arrangement full of bright spring flowers to someone special. The floral designers at Currans Flowers are happy to share our spring collection with you. With multiple bright spring flowers to choose from, the combinations are endless and each one is sure to brighten any space in your home or office. Read More about Welcome Spring With These Cheerful Flowers »
Posted by Currans Flowers on March 18, 2019 | Last Updated: February 20, 2020 Flowers Hydrangea Roses Spring

Our Refreshing Spring Gift To You

Straight from our greenhouses here at Curran's Flowers comes a whole host of spring plants and flowers, more vivid and robust than we could ever have expected. Maybe it's the fact that it isn't quite spring for us yet here in the Danvers area that makes these beauties appear so vivid, so vibrant. The pinks, blues, yellows and greens we see blossoming in our greenhouses will look even more enchanting when they're enjoyed in the context of a home. Read More about Our Refreshing Spring Gift To You »
Posted by Currans Flowers on April 2, 2018 Flowers Hydrangea

The Essence of Hyacinth

When you get right down to it, it's not just that flowers look beautiful. It's not the dizzying array of colors, the delicate, almost pointillist layers of petals. It's not just that they unfurl over time or look amazing next to each other, no. Here at Curran's Flowers, we believe that flowers enchant us because they make a strong appeal to all of the senses, including the olfactory one. When you bring them into your home or work space, flowers act as a living reminder of what awaits outside. They can smell simply fresh or perfume the air with a particular scent. They feel good to the touch---soft but substantial. Flowers are a whole experience. Read More about The Essence of Hyacinth »
Posted by Currans Flowers on March 19, 2018 Flowers Spring

Spring’s Perfect Peonies

There are many archetypal flowers for spring---and we here at Currans Flowers are already seeing them blossom from our bins. We love working with blooms like hyacinths, daisies and tulips; they feel fresh, dynamic and energetic. It's no stretch to say we wait all year for these bright beauties, and especially now, at the end of a long winter, we encourage you to invite them into your homes. Read More about Spring’s Perfect Peonies »
Posted by Currans Flowers on March 12, 2018 Flowers Spring

Season’s Best Springtime Flowers

While we love all the seasons in Danvers, no one can deny the anticipation of cold, gray weather giving way to bright blue skies and warm sunshine! And as floral designers, we look forward to creating arrangements and bouquets that exude all of the fresh optimism of the season. Spring flowers are vivid, bright, and exciting - and deliver the beauty of spring right into your home or office. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, congratulating a colleague, or simply want to say "Happy Spring!" - you'll want to add all the color of seasonal springtime flowers. Did You Know? The official floral ambassador of spring, the crocus, is a bulb flower that will even push through the snow in its mission to announce the imminent arrival of spring. If you are like the crocus and just can't wait another day, give Curran's Flowers a call!  Read More about Season’s Best Springtime Flowers »
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