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Anniversary Bouquets & Wedding Flowers

If you are one of the many couples married in June, ¬†you are not alone! June has been dubbed "Wedding Month", indicating that more couples have chosen this month to get married than any other month in the calendar year. ¬†However, whether you chose June or are planning for another season, this month gives us the chance to talk about wedding arrangements and anniversary bouquets - our favorite topic! As the trusted resource for all things wedding in Danvers for over 80 years, we have extensive experience with traditional and non-traditional themes, venues, and color palettes. So no matter your style, our creative design team is eager to help turn your vision of a perfect wedding into a reality. Read More about Anniversary Bouquets & Wedding Flowers »
Posted by Currans Flowers on June 9, 2017 | Last Updated: June 11, 2017 Weddings

February Weddings, Anniversaries and Engagements

February is National Wedding Month, a fact that may surprise people here in Danvers. After all, February doesn't seem to be the most opportune time to hold a wedding ceremony. June, August,and September are ranked as the top 3 months nationwide to plan a wedding, and February weddings are really far down that list. If you were wondering why National Wedding Month would be placed at this location on the calendar, read on! Curran's Flowers has all the information you need - and all the flowers you need for a beautiful event. Read More about February Weddings, Anniversaries and Engagements »
Posted by Currans Flowers on January 22, 2017 | Last Updated: January 25, 2017 Flowers Weddings