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Pretty Flowers For Prom And Beyond

By Currans Flowers on April 30, 2018 in Flowers, Prom. 0 Comments

The end of the school year brings celebrations of all kinds. Some kids will be graduating, while others will be attending prom for the first time. School dances, moving-up ceremonies and even thank-you gifts for teachers all create a gift-giving opportunity. If you find yourself in need of gifts or wearable florals for these celebrations, trust Curran's Flowers to deliver the quality arrangements and beautiful wearable flowers from the local florist that you have come to trust. Read More about Pretty Flowers For Prom And Beyond

Boutonnieres & Corsages for Spring Formals

By Currans Flowers on April 18, 2017 in Prom. 0 Comments

Through the ages, flowers have been worn on clothing for a host of reasons. They were thought to ward off evil spirits, keep people healthy, and send covert messages to secret admirers. Corsages originated in the 16th and 17th century - the full name of the flowers was "bouquet des corsages", but was eventually shortened to simply corsage. They were traditionally worn in the center of the bodice of the dress, then moved to one side. Boutonnieres were worn for much the same reason as the flowers, primarily to ward off illness, but as medical knowledge increased, flowers became more of a luxury item. In contemporary times, corsages often take the form of wristlets; but flowers for formal occasions have grown to include nosegay (handheld) tied bouquets and elegant hairpieces. If you are looking for the perfect flowers for your Danvers area prom - or any other special occasion - call Curran's Flowers.  Read More about Boutonnieres & Corsages for Spring Formals