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Ideas for Throwing a Flower Themed Baby Shower

Settling on a perfect baby shower theme can be stressful, especially with so many creative ideas out there, opinions from friends and family, and your own taste and style. However, here at Currans Flowers, we have come to learn… Read More about Ideas for Throwing a Flower Themed Baby Shower »

National Romance Month Share the Love

When we think of romance, red roses almost always come to mind. The official floral ambassador of love and devotion is the classic expression of true commitment and will be in high demand during the month of August. Why? Because this month is National Romance Month, a wonderful opportunity to express your feelings toward your sweetheart. Situated between Valentine's Day and the holiday season, this observance reminds us that romance should be celebrated year-round and never neglected, even during the dog days of summer. To give you a hand, the floral experts at Curran's Flowers are here with a collection of romantic bouquets and arrangements that are sure to set off some sparks and a few fun facts to set a fun, flirty, and romantic tone to Romance Month. Read More about National Romance Month Share the Love »