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Great Floral Traditions To Carry On

By Currans Flowers on August 27, 2018 in Flowers, Grandparent's Day, Summer. 0 Comments

When Marian McQuade first developed the idea of Grandparents Day, it was with the idea that families would have an opportunity to set aside time for one another. With 15 children, 43 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, it’s reasonable to think she was excited about seeing several generations in one place. Today, we celebrate this special day on the second Sunday of September. Curran’s Flowers recommends bringing your special grandparent their favorite flowers to commence Grandparents Day. Have children ask grandparents about their own childhood. With so many memories to tap into, certainly a few stories are sure to arise. Read More about Great Floral Traditions To Carry On

White Floral Styles That Work All Year

By Currans Flowers on August 19, 2018 in Flowers, Summer. 0 Comments

How you choose to decorate your home says a lot about you. For instance, if you choose to use white when decorating after Labor Day, maybe you’re an independent thinker who feels comfortable breaking tradition. After all, many of the “no white after Labor Day” rules had a lot to do with simply staying cool in warmer months. However, using fall or winter textures in shades of white or ivory can have a dramatic impact with a unique flair. The floral artisans at Currans Flowers have some amazing white designs to share with you as you make your own rules about styling your home. Read More about White Floral Styles That Work All Year

A Feast Of Food And Flowers

By Currans Flowers on June 18, 2018 in Flowers, Summer. 0 Comments

We don't know about you, but here at Curran's Flowers, we love a good summertime soiree. There's something about this season that invites us to relax, unwind and indulge. There's the sense that we can move from indoors to out and back again, transitioning between a quiet table on the patio to the formal one inside. We entertain with the idea of putting our guests at ease and celebrating the long, temperate days that stretch into the night. Our soirees are soundtracked to cicada and serve up the garden's goodies---heaping salads accented by colorful vegetables. On our dinner menus, delights such as ceviche and sangria appear, as though we can finally get away with serving spicy, citrusy, brightly-flavored food. The flowers we use to accent our menus and our gatherings in general should be just as bright. Read More about A Feast Of Food And Flowers

Peony Perfection For Your Besties

By Currans Flowers on May 28, 2018 in Flowers, Spring, Summer. 0 Comments

In honor of National Best Friend's Day on June 8, there's peonies. We here at Curran's Flowers aren't saying that peonies exist exclusively as a gift to give your besties, but we are saying that they are the perfect friendship flower. Think about it. Manifold layers as delicate as tissue paper, a soft, sweet fragrance, a pastel palette . . . There's simply nothing more special than a peony, a flower as dramatic as roses but without the passion and ardor built in. Instead, a peony is a bright, uplifting bloom to offer. It's romantic, modern and special-seeming. Read More about Peony Perfection For Your Besties

The Spring Flowers That Lead Into Summer

By Currans Flowers on May 21, 2018 in Flowers, Summer. 0 Comments

Some flowers make it easy to transition from spring to summer---we're looking at you, peony---while others belong decidedly to one camp or the other. Curran's Flowers is always thrilled when we see (and receive) the new crop from each season; these fresh arrivals always invigorate our designs and offer plenty of inspiration for the season ahead. Summer is no exception, and may give us the most dazzling blooms we see all year. Warm-weather bloomers are real showstoppers; sure, they may be frost-sensitive, but when they come to bloom they revel in their colorful glory, impossible not to fall in love with. Read More about The Spring Flowers That Lead Into Summer

Friendship Day Celebrates Friends & Sisters

By Currans Flowers on July 15, 2017 in Floral Design, Flowers, Summer. 0 Comments

Friendship is one of the most special relationships we will ever experience. And when your best friend is also your sister, the bonds are virtually unbreakable. Experts tell us that having strong connections with sisters from our early years will allow us to become happier, more confident and optimistic adults. That alone is a great reason to celebrate her! August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day, and both give us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the women who have been a part of our lives for years. Curran’s Flowers has the floral designs that are perfect to convey your feelings of love and respect. Shop our online collections, or give us a call for ideas. Read More about Friendship Day Celebrates Friends & Sisters

Local Summer Hydrangea Floral Designs

By Currans Flowers on July 8, 2017 in Flowers, Hydrangea, Summer. 0 Comments

With summer upon us, there is a whole new crop of flowers in full bloom. One of our favorites is the summer hydrangea. Although these beauties are available from growers year round, the best variety of premium blooms is available right now - according to the experts at Curran's Flowers, the Dutch hydrangea crop is in full swing. "We receive hundreds of these premium hydrangea every week", says owner Paul Danehy. "Our customers love them." This month, come in and bring some home a bouquet of for yourself - and find out why Curran's Flowers is considered Danvers' most popular florist and greenhouse. Fast Trivia: Originally discovered in Japan, this versatile and resilient flower grows virtually everywhere - from Asia to the Americas, and everyplace in between. No wonder they are beloved the world over.  Read More about Local Summer Hydrangea Floral Designs

Butterfly & Bee Gardens, Insect Repellents

By Currans Flowers on June 30, 2017 in Bee-Friendly Plants, Summer. 0 Comments

Flowers are beautiful, to be sure - but did you know that they can also enhance our environment in many ways? From attracting butterflies, to helping honeybees, to keeping pesky insects away from your guests - these amazing plants can serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. This summer, take a look at some of the natural benefits of surrounding yourself with flowers. Curran's Flowers is happy to provide you with assistance in creating butterfly and bee gardens that you will love! Read More about Butterfly & Bee Gardens, Insect Repellents

Fresh Summer Flowers for the Perfect Outdoor Table

By Currans Flowers on June 16, 2017 in Flowers, Summer. 0 Comments

Summer is truly a special time. The magic of long days and warm evenings beckon us outside and encourage us to get together with friends and family. Whether for an impromptu barbecue or a lavish backyard soiree, gathering with those we love in the summer is a time-honored tradition. Not only can we enjoy the weather and the extended days, but the landscape is awash in vivid color, from clear blue skies to lush green grass. If you are planning an outdoor get-together during this season, let the colors and ambiance of summer be the inspiration for your party decor.  Curran's Flowers has the bright centerpieces, seasonal arrangements, and fresh summer flowers you will need to make your party a beautiful success.  Read More about Fresh Summer Flowers for the Perfect Outdoor Table