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Celebrate Balance for a Better World

International Women’s Day is approaching this month and we are excited to celebrate this important day. This is a day to honor and support women around the globe for their achievements and efforts toward gender equality. While this group is not associated with any particular organization or nationality, International Women’s Day is a global effort to bring gender parity to all aspects of life all over the world. This year's theme is Balance for Better, referring to how much better our world is becoming as we find balance between the genders throughout the world. The floral designers at Curran's Flowers suggest that you celebrate International Women’s Day with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for the special women in your life who exhibit leadership and influence. Teachers, mentors, leaders and supporters all deserve a chance to be recognized for their efforts as women in this movement. Read More about Celebrate Balance for a Better World »
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Head To The Farm This Summer

Being surrounded by pieces of nature can often have a calming and satisfying effect on people. That’s why we love getting outdoors whenever the weather is nice. When we can’t get outside, we bring nature to us in the form of beautiful bouquets and arrangements. Curran’s Flowers not only has the most gorgeous bouquets around, we also have some great ideas for experiencing nature locally. Read More about Head To The Farm This Summer »
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