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A Gift Basket will Make Just the Statement you are Looking For!

Although we all know that flower shops specialized in beautiful floral arrangements, have you ever thought of the variety of options that are available when you need that special gift? If you are looking for a unique way to show… Read More about A Gift Basket will Make Just the Statement you are Looking For! »
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April Daisies for Birthday Bouquets

Each season of the year brings its own special vibe, and each month of the year gives us something new to celebrate. In April, the official birth flower is one of the most popular flowers in the world - the daisy. Although the English variety is the most recognized, with its classic white ray petals and gold center, there are 23,000 other varieties that grow across the world. In fact, Antarctica is the only continent on which this prolific flower is not found. You can find many beautiful daisies right here in Danvers simply by browsing the Curran's Flowers website or stopping by our shop to speak with one of our floral designers. Whether for birthday bouquets or any other special occasion, the spring daisy will deliver a cheerful ambiance right to your front door.  Read More about April Daisies for Birthday Bouquets »
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Ideas to Celebrate Birthdays with Flowers

If you have someone in your life who is hard to buy for, flowers are the perfect gift. But for birthdays, don't just settle for any flowers - call Curran's Flowers to help you to design a very special custom arrangement. Whether you utilize their favorite flower or create a bouquet brimming with their favorite color, everyone loves receiving flowers. And for over 80 years, the Danvers community has trusted our experts to deliver the freshest, most uniquely beautiful florals. Birthstone bouquets are a meaningful way to celebrate a birthday. Each month of the year has a birthstone associated with it, but purchasing the gem may not be an option for you. Allow the birthstone to inspire you, and consider sending a floral arrangement that reflects the rare beauty and rich colors of the precious stones.  For instance, January showcases the garnet as its birthstone, and July features the ruby. Both are rich red stones, and birthstone bouquets may feature red roses, gerberas, or amaryllis.  Read More about Ideas to Celebrate Birthdays with Flowers »
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