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Flowers Bees Love And So Will You

Bees are an excellent addition to any garden. Not only do they pollinate locally to encourage growth and diversity in your own yard, they are also vital in pollinating much of the world’s food sources. These industrious creatures maintain balance in a healthy eco-system but their numbers are declining rapidly. By encouraging bees to visit your garden or backyard, you are fostering their growth and helping to rebuild the bee community. Currans Flowers recommends bringing bee-friendly bouquets to your porch or outdoor patio, having fresh water available to prevent dehydration in bees, and maintaining shady areas throughout your yard to keep them cool as they work. Read More about Flowers Bees Love And So Will You »
Posted by Currans Flowers on August 12, 2018 Bee-Friendly Plants Flowers

Butterfly & Bee Gardens, Insect Repellents

Flowers are beautiful, to be sure - but did you know that they can also enhance our environment in many ways? From attracting butterflies, to helping honeybees, to keeping pesky insects away from your guests - these amazing plants can serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. This summer, take a look at some of the natural benefits of surrounding yourself with flowers. Curran's Flowers is happy to provide you with assistance in creating butterfly and bee gardens that you will love! Read More about Butterfly & Bee Gardens, Insect Repellents »
Posted by Currans Flowers on June 30, 2017 | Last Updated: October 9, 2018 Bee-Friendly Plants Summer