Fall Centerpieces & Plants for the Harvest Season

fall centerpiecesPoet & journalist William Cullen Bryant once famously penned the words “autumn is the year’s last, loveliest smile.” He was likely inspired by the changing leaves and the cooler breeze that the season brings, not to mention the palette of gorgeous color that emerges during this time.  Fall flowers and color schemes are alluring inspiration for all of the season’s best fall centerpieces and seasonal plant displays.

When you are looking for a the best autumn decor for your Danvers home, you can be sure that the floral designers at Curran’s Flowers have imagined – and grown – the most beautiful flowers and plants.
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Floral Designs for Housewarming Gifts

housewarming giftsWhether a loved one recently closed on a home, or you want to welcome a new neighbor to the block – housewarming gifts are a thoughtful way to congratulate them on their new adventure. Flowering and green plants are the perfect gifts for this momentous occasion, as they help to make any space more vibrant, warm and hospitable. Curran’s Flowers’ greenhouses are full of the best plants and flowers in the Danvers area, and we are sure to have something just right for any home. Continue reading

Flowers for the Homecoming Dance

homecoming danceThe season for homecoming weekend celebrations is nearly here. Whether you are an alumni returning to your old stomping grounds, or a student looking forward to the homecoming dance, Curran’s Flowers has the formal flowers you’ll need for every event.

There are many reasons flowers are in demand over this special weekend. The mothers of football players generally receive corsages, and the homecoming court can look forward to special bouquets. Alumni often wear flowers which celebrate team colors and spirit, and of course – the homecoming dance will also require corsages and boutonnieres. And although the terms may conjure up images of an old-fashioned tradition, our floral designers have created trendy, artistic, and unique pieces which will add fashion and flair.  Continue reading

Celebrating Grandparents Day with Flowers

grandparents day

“Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.” Marcy DeMaree

There is no denying that grandparents hold a special place in our hearts. Whether they go by Grandma and Grandpa, Meemaw and Pawpaw, Nana and Grandpop – the names do not matter so much as the love and legacy that they add to our lives. National Grandparents Day, established in 1978, is a day set aside to celebrate the stories, the wisdom, and the sense of belonging grandparents offer to their families. With Curran’s Flowers, celebrating Grandparents Day is beautiful.  Continue reading

Inspired by September Sapphires and Asters

September SapphiresEvery month of the year is represented by both a birth flower and a birthstone, and both of these symbols are often used as inspiration for beautiful birthday floral arrangements. In the month of September, the honor goes to the aster and the sapphire, both special in their own right. In you have a loved one celebrating a birthday in September, the floral designers at Curran’s Flowers hope to inspire you.

Fall Asters: The fact that asters bloom in the autumn season likely played a role in their selection as the September birth flower. When other flowers are ending their seasonal run, these beauties begin to bloom. Related to the daisy and sharing the familiar ray-like flower head, asters are popular choices for cut flower bouquets. The lovely aster comes in virtually any color and is known to signify enchantment.

September Sapphires: The sapphire is one of the most cherished gemstones in the world. The brilliant blue of the iconic stone is the most popular and valuable variety of sapphire, but it actually occurs in many colors across the spectrum. The sapphire has been revered in nearly every culture and religion for millennia, and is considered to be of divine origin, signifying royalty and majesty. Like the aster, the sapphire is associated with stars and has celestial connotations. If you wish to create a bouquet of sapphire-inspired flowers, you can choose blue delphinium, forget-me-nots, irises, or blue and violet hued asters.
September sapphiresWhatever your choice for the perfect birthday bouquet, you can always trust the floral designers at Curran’s Flowers to create eye-catching, head-turning arrangements worthy to celebrate your loved one’s special day. Whether inspired by September sapphires, asters, or their favorite flower, these arrangements are the most beautiful in Danvers.

Send Them Flowers ‘Just Because’

just becauseEvery day, we do things because we have to – from the time the alarm goes off, there are appointments to make and responsibilities to handle. But on August 27, we are given a rare invitation to throw off the constraints of schedule and routine, and instead, have a day filled with “why not?”

Just Because Day allows you to think outside the box, march to a different drummer, and color outside the lines- just because! Do what you have been dreaming of doing, for no other reason than you want to. At Curran’s Flowers, we know that floral arrangements sent “just because” can be the most meaningful, as they express friendship, love or gratitude that transcend special occasions. Here are a few other ideas we love:  Continue reading

National Romance Month Share the Love

National Romance Month

When we think of romance, red roses almost always come to mind. The official floral ambassador of love and devotion are the classic expression of true commitment, and will be in high demand during the month of August. Why? Because this month is National Romance Month, a wonderful opportunity to express your feelings to your sweetheart. Situated between Valentine’s Day and the holiday season, this observance reminds us that romance should be celebrated year-round.

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Funeral Flowers to Honor a Special Life

funeral flowers

Life is full of many occasions, some happy and some sad. When the time comes to say goodbye to a family member or close friend, there are very deep emotions tied to the very personal choice about how to best commemorate their life. Often the relationship to the decedent and the type of life that they lived can help to make the decision regarding funeral flowers easier. The professionals at Curran’s Flowers are here to assist you in this difficult time, to show your respects in a special and poignant way.

Reflecting your loved one’s personality in the flowers you choose is a beautiful and honoring tradition. Here are just a few ideas you may wish to consider:

  • A strong willed, vibrant person’s life memories should be honored with bold, bright flowers that celebrate their attitude – the bright blue of delphinium, the vivid orange of gerbera daisies, or deep pink roses are all appropriate at services which remember a strong personality.
  • A veteran may be best honored with a patriotic tribute.
    funeral flowers
  • A loving and caring matriarch may have had a passion for her garden; cultivating her favorite flowers in soft color. You can design her funeral flowers to reflect her favorites, such as using hydrangea, roses or lilies to create the arrangements.
    funeral flowers
  • An avid outdoorsman may be remembered best with very organic designs, incorporating woody stems and branches, grasses and natural elements.
  • Honor your sports fanatic with his beloved team’s memorabilia incorporated into his designs, or her favorite golf clubs used creatively in a floral design that remembers her passion.

    funeral flowers

  • These days, memorial services which include memorial urns are popular, and require special attention to how flowers are displayed incorporating the urn.

    funeral flowers

  • You may also consider memorial plaque stands that can be left at the cemetery or in the yard as a garden stone, for a lasting remembrance.
  • If you missed the services, or wish to send something a bit more personal, sometimes the best choice is an arrangement for the family to take home. A collection of living plants will allow several family members to care for them in the memory of their loved one.



While this is a difficult and emotional time, the professionals at Curran’s Flowers will provide the caring assistance and support you need. We will deliver to all Danvers and Boston area funeral homes, and take care of the arrangements and delivery for you.

Back to College Dorm Decor Ideas

college dorm decor

Some say it is the most wonderful time of the year, while others dread it. Let’s face it, sending kids back to school – especially college students – can be a bit emotional. Here at Curran’s Flowers, we have decades of experience in helping to ease life’s transitions, and this one is no different. While considering how to pack, what to bring, and how to arrange the college dorm decor, we suggest remembering the little touches that will make a room feel a bit more like home.

The Incredible Green Plant: You’ve heard us sing the praises of the green plant before, and for good reason. Not only do they look beautiful in virtually any setting, but they help to detoxify and purify the air in the room around them. Cleaner air results in improved focus and concentration, as well as increased productivity. In other words, in its own small way, the plant can help your student to excel – making it the perfect college dorm decor accent.

college dorm decor

Dish gardens and cubes are great choices for the college dorm room, as they take up very little space and are self contained. We also love succulents and cacti, as they tend to be exceptionally low maintenance. These are college students, after all. We don’t want to give them too much to worry about besides classes! college dorm decor

While leaving a plant in their dorm room is a great idea on drop-off day, don’t forget that a special delivery throughout the rest of the school year will let your student know that you are thinking of them. Whether to fight off homesickness just a few weeks in, or to celebrate their birthday across the miles, we have flowers and gifts that are sure to make their day. Something they are sure to appreciate is one of our gourmet gift baskets, because every college student needs late night snacks. college dorm decorSending a student to live away from home can be tough, but a special gift to remind them of home will help deal with the changes. Whether they will be close to Danvers or are headed out-of-state, Curran’s Flowers has everything you need.

Friendship Day Celebrates Friends & Sisters

Friendship Day

Friendship is one of the most special relationships we will ever experience. And when your best friend is also your sister, the bonds are virtually unbreakable. Experts tell us that having strong connections with sisters from our early years will allow us to become happier, more confident and optimistic adults. That alone is a great reason to celebrate her! August 6 is both National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day, and both give us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the women who have been a part of our lives for years.

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